Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

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Marketing Strategy

O2O Strategy of Watsons to Help Consumers Make Healthier Choice 屈臣氏全新線上線下推廣策略 The exponential growth of e-commerce in Asia has led a number of brickand-mortar retailers to reevaluate their e-commerce strategy. Ms Diane Cheung, the General Manager of Watsons Hong Kong, shares with us about the online to offline marketing strategy of Watsons in Hong Kong. A market research conducted by Watsons in 2016 shows that more than half of Hong Kong people their health is either poor or failing. And 90 percent of women under 30 have already bought or are considering buying vitamins and supplements. 電子商務在亞洲增長強勁,帶動實體零售商重新評估其電子商務戰略。香港屈臣氏總經理張慧屏女士,跟我們分享談 香港屈臣氏於線上到線下的營銷策略。 根據屈臣氏2016年統計調查顯示,逾一半香港市民認為其健康狀況處於中等或差劣水平。此外,逾九成30歲以下受訪 女士表示有購買或考慮服食維他命及保健品 。

World Class Products Launching at Watsons Hong Kong 引入世界級產品 In response, Watsons Hong Kong introduced Holland & Barrett, the world-class health and food supplement brand with around 150 years of history, to Hong Kong consumers in December last year. At present, a comprehensive range of Holland & Barrett products are stocked in more than 200 Watsons stores in Hong Kong and its online store through Over 70% of purchasers are new customers. With a presence in 16 country markets including Singapore, Mainland China, Middle East and Europe … and now Hong Kong, Holland & Barrett is a well-loved household name in the UK and Ireland, where there are more than 800 stores. It’s known for using only the finest ingredients, for product excellence and for its everyday affordable prices. It has won 25 | NATURAL PRODUCTS | Sourcing Yearbook 2017

a “Queen’s Award” in the UK for international trade, and was named “Retail Week’s Speciality Retailer of the Year 2016”. 有見及此,香港屈臣氏於去年十二月引進英國近一百五十年歷史的 皇室認可保健品牌 Holland & Barrett。 產品現於香港逾二百間屈臣 氏分店及電子商店有售,買家中逾七成是新顧客。 Holland & Barrett 於英國及愛爾蘭是家傳戶曉的品牌,在該兩個地 區有逾800間店舖。品牌憑上乘成份、優質產品和合理售價而深受 顧客喜愛。於2016年,品牌更獲英女王頒贈英國業界最高殊榮的「 英女王企業獎– 國際貿易獎」,以及英國零售業的代表雜誌《Retail Week》頒發「2016年度專業零售商大獎」。其產品已於16個地區 發售,包括新加坡、中國內地、中東及歐洲,現在更進軍香港市場。