Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

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Brand Story

Full Disclosure 全面披露產品成份資料 Authenticity and transparency continue to underpin the ecostore business model. It offers customers full ingredient lists and in depth information about each ingredient online. Rands says this is especially important in an industry where greenwashing is common, and it’s an important opportunity to inform and empower people to make conscious choices about the products they buy. “We have quickly established a reputation that has set us apart from our competitors,” Rands says. “Our competitors vary in size, but many are multi-nationals with huge budgets. We believe our transparency, our authenticity and our ethical business methods set us apart. “The level of trust we have established by being so open with

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customers is a real point of difference that’s drawn like minded companies to work with us, and helped us attract some great people to work with in the business itself.” 維持真確性和透明度不斷鞏固 ecostore 的商業模式。該公司在 網上為顧客提供全面的產品成份清單,並披露每種成份的詳細資 料。Rands認為,由於漂綠(greenwashing)已是業內十分普遍的做法, 全面披露產品成份資料的做法就更顯重要,同時亦可籍此機會向大眾 傳達正確訊息 - 就是在購物時,他們應有能力作出具環保意識的選 擇。 「我們很快便建立了知名度,使我們顯得比其他競爭對手更勝一籌。」 Rands自豪地說。「我們的競爭對手各具規模,且大都是跨國企業, 擁有龐大的資金預算。我們相信維持透明度、真確度和奉行富道德的 公平營商手法,使我們別樹一格。」 「我們對顧客開放資訊,從而建立一定程度的信任,這就是我們與眾 不同之處。這亦幫助我們吸引到理念相同的企業與我們並肩作戰,並 吸納樂意投身環保事業的人材。」