Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

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New Product Showcase

New in Natural

These product launches captured the attention of us. Here’s why. 全新產品,值得關注!

ODYLIQUE Gentle Herb Shampoo 溫和草本洗頭水 The award-winning organic shampoo is an all-in-one solution that doubles as a shampoo and conditioner suitable for all hair types and is recommended for those with psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Named “Best Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps” in the prestigious Guide des Meilleurs Cosmetiques 2015-16.

獲獎無數的洗頭水亦是護髮素,適合各種髮質,以及受牛皮癬、 皮膚炎和濕疹問題困擾人士使用。獲法國美容天書 Guide des Meilleurs Cosmetiques 2015-16 評為專為敏感頭皮使用的最佳洗 髮水。 Page 50

ZK’IN Clarifying Exfoliator 淨白去角質磨砂 The COSMOS certified organic exfoliator has Oat kernel flour and coffee seed powder that help remove dead skin cells and impurities while the high aloe vera content make this product calming as well as exfoliating. Free from microplastics.

BABY GAGA Organic Insect Repellent 有機防蚊小天使 A natural, non-greasy balm that protects children from insects and relieves the skin affected by insect bites. It was awarded the Hong Kong Baby Products – Eco Design Award 2011 by HKTDC and Top Choice Award 2014 by Baby Maternity and Creative Child Magazines, US.

獲COSMOS有機認證,蘊含燕麥粉和 咖啡籽粉,有助清除死皮和污垢雜 質,而高含量的蘆薈可舒緩皮膚以 及去角質。產品不含任何塑膠微粒。 Page 2

天然配方,清爽不油膩,保護兒童免受蚊叮蟲咬, 並可快速舒緩患處的刺痛和痕癢。榮獲香港貿易發 展局2011年度嬰兒產品環保設計獎及美國雜誌 Baby Maternity 和 Creative Child 2014 年的 Top Choice Award。 Page 52

Y-NOT NATURAL Omega 369 Sports Oil Rub with Vitamin E 運動舒緩油 Australian Aborigines have used one secret ingredient in their healing arsenal for thousands of years. The natural healing comes from the Emu bird, only found in Australia. The Emu oil significantly reduced swelling from inflammation within 6 to 12 hours when applied directly.

含有特殊蠶絲蛋白萃取物的營養補充食品,為你提供優質營 養,讓思緒更靈活。 Page 18

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