Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

Page 46

New Product Showcase

IMMUNRISE Formulated Middle Age Goat Milk Powder 中老年裝羊奶粉 With the Fibersol®-2 and LIPOCAL® added in the goat milk powder, Immunrise’s powerful formula is capable of improving your digestive health and providing good source of calcium to strengthen your bones.

配方加入豐富水溶性纖維Fibersol ® 2及非動物 活性鈣源LIPOCAL ®,前者臨床實證有助促進 消化,後者可為中年人補充額外所需鈣質, 強健骨骼。 Page 62

GOOD DAY Organic Chlorella Dietary Supplement 100% 純正有機綠藻精華 Chlorella is powerful detoxifying green algae that are proven to effectively remove toxins including pesticides, heavy metals, alcohol, and environmental toxins from the liver and kidneys. Good Day is certified organic by USDA NOP.

JEUNESSE M1ND 敏動力 M1ND is a dietary supplement featuring clinically shown CERA-Q that supports menory and L-theanine that helps reduce mentail distribution.

綠藻是一種有強效排毒的超級食物,証實能有效從肝臟和 腎臟排走各種毒素,包括農藥、重金屬、酒精和生活中的 環境毒素。產品獲美國農業部有機認證。 Page 41 & 42

含有特殊蠶絲蛋白萃取物的營養補 充食品,為你提供優質營養,讓思 緒更靈活。 Page 10

MELORA Manuka Honey UMF20+ 麥蘆卡蜂蜜 Sustainably sourced from vast natural plantations in some of the remotest regions of New Zealand. The honey is guaranteed to be at least UMF®20. The UMF® grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka Honey and assures purity and quality.

採用來自新西蘭一些極偏遠地區的天然種植園 的蜂蜜,並確保其採集的可持續性。蜂蜜保證 至少達 UMF ®20 標準。 UMF ® 評級系統是用 來評核在麥蘆卡蜂蜜中發現的天然特徵成份質 量,保證其純度和品質。UMF ®分數越高代表濃 度越高。 Page 34

HEALTH HARVEST Rainforest Honey 熱帶雨林野生蜂蜜 Sialang Honey (Tualang Honey) is produced by an Asian type of bee called Apis dorsata, in nests hanging from the high branches of the tualang trees found in the tropical rainforests in the Southeast Asia region. So raw in nature with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and aromas 100% reserved.

來自東南亞熱帶雨林的稀有的野生蜂蜜品種 - 亞洲大 蜜蜂。不經加熱和加工,100% 天然保留蜂蜜的所有 營養,包括酵素、酵母、維他命、礦物質及天然抗氧 化劑。 Page 60 45 | NATURAL PRODUCTS | Sourcing Yearbook 2017

NUTRIGAYA Bodhii Calm It is a natural health supplement made of Ashwagandha root powder extract. Known for its relaxing and fortifying effects on nervous system, it is used to protect against stress, support immunity, promote longevity and enhance overall energy and well-being.

這天然保健食品是由有「印度人參」之稱的 Ashwagandha 的根部提煉粉末而成。它不但有 助鬆弛及強化神經系統,並可舒緩壓力,提高 免疫力,延年益壽,增強體力和健康。 Page 8