Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

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CLESIGN Eco Yoga Mat 環保瑜珈墊 Say goodbye to those bunched up towels during hot yoga class or hesitating in postures because you are afraid of slipping. The cork surface of our mats is comprised of suberin, a natural waxy, oily substance providing unparalleled grip even when completely submerged underwater.

高溫瑜珈課時再不需要墊毛巾了!你可 放心去做出各種動作而不用再擔心會滑 倒。我們的環保瑜珈墊表面加有一種由 suberin製造而成的 「水松」。Suberin 是天然油性蠟物質,即使完全浸在水裡 面也能提供極佳的抓著力。 Page 40

MYBU French Lavender, Geranium & Forest Pine Soy Candle 法國薰衣草、天竺葵、松香大豆蠟燭 This blend is simply divine! Soothing and calming, the non-toxic scented candle delights you with aromatherapy from 100% pure essential oils. The creator of MYBU crafts each of her candles with great care and passion.

這個配撘的味道真神奇!給人一種很舒緩和平靜的感 覺。香味滿溢的大豆蠟燭以100% 純精油香薰配方製 造,不含有毒物質。每一瓶都是創造者人手精心巧製 而成,百分百香港製造。 Page 8

PURE DIRECT Free Standing RO System 7572 沛力達直立式純水系統7572 Using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, the filer equipped has a pore size of approximately 0.0001 micron that can remove bacterium, viruses and dissolved heavy metal effectively. It supply high quality hot, room and cold drinking water for corporations.

配備的濾芯具採用密度最高的逆滲透 技術 (濾孔僅納米的1/10) 能有效隔 除細菌、病毒、水溶性重金屬,為企 業提供高質素的冷、熱、溫飲用水。 Page 69

ECOSTORE Lemon Laundry Powder (Top & Front Loader) 檸檬洗衣粉 (適用於上置式和前置式洗衣機) It is safely super concentrated to give you up to 64 washes (front loader) per 1 kg pack. Essential oil based fragrances used are compliant to International Fragrance Association Standards while minimizing the number of allergenic fractions they contain.

性質溫和但配方超濃縮,1千克裝平均可洗滌機洗衣物64次,經濟實 惠。香料蘊含的精油符合國際香精協會標準,減少引發敏感的機會。 Page 71

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