Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

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Market Research

Natural & Sustainable Cosmetic Predictions for 2017 天然及可持續化妝品市場 2017年展望

Ecovia Intelligence gives its prediction for sustainable cosmetics for 2017 Ecovia Intelligence 跟我們分享今年有關天然及可持續化妝品市場的預測 Natural & Organic Cosmetics – healthy growth is continuing in the global market. North America and Europe have the largest markets, however the highest growth rates are envisaged in Asia. Greenwashing will remain a major industry issue, with many brands opting for certification to legitimise their natural and organic marketing claims...

天然和有機化妝品 - 於全球市場維持健康地發展。北美和歐洲市場規模最大,但 預計以亞洲增長最快。「漂綠」仍然是業內的主要問題,令許多品牌選擇把產品進行認 證,只確保產品更符合天然和有機產品的聲明...

Green Certification Schemes – Natural and

Ethical Labels – the number of ethical labels is predicted to

organic will remain the main certification schemes for green cosmetics, however fragmentation is expected to continue. Organic Monitor finds there are currently over 30 such standards for cosmetics and personal care products, with most in Europe. COSMOS and Natrue will vie for leading standard spots in Europe, whilst NSF ANSI 305 and USDA NOP are popular schemes in North America.

rise this year, with more crossovers from the food industry. The ‘freefrom’ craze is expected to continue; expect to see more gluten-free and non-GMO claims on product packs, as well as the traditional parabenfree, silicone-free, SLS-free claims.

綠色認證 - 綠色化妝品仍然會選擇天然和有機認證,但 至於會採用哪一機構的認証卻有不同的意見。我們發現目前 全世界有超過30種不同的化妝品和個人護理產品的標準, 而大多數標準皆來自歐洲的機構,其中在歐洲 COSMOS 和 Natrue擁有領導地位,而NSF ANSI 305和USDA NOP則在北 美較受歡迎。

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道德標籤 - 隨著化妝品採用的 原材料跟食品的關係越來越密切, 道德標籤的數量預計今年會上升。 以“非xxx”或 “不含xxx” 為旗 號的聲稱將繼續增加,例如:「無 麩質」、「非基因改造」、「不含 羥基苯甲酸酯」、「不含矽靈」及 「不含SLS」等聲稱將經常出現於產 品包裝上。