Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

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Ask the Expert 3. Are contract manufacturing services only for cosmetics? Not at all. There are so many contract manufacturers available in the market who specialize in custom manufacturing almost any type of consumer product including dietary supplements, complementary medicines, therapeutic goods and personal care products. They should also be capable of managing everything from ingredient sourcing and formulation, through to testing, documentation and international compliance for you. 3. 承包製造僅限於化妝品嗎? 當然不是。承包製造商可代製造不同種類的消費品,包括膳食補充 劑,輔助藥品、 治療物品和個人護理產品。 他們亦可為客戶提供全面服務,包括原料採購、配方、製作及產品測 試,並協助取得符合國際規定的相關證明文件。

•承包製造商是否有相關的製作經驗及知識 •承包製造商是否靠近原材料供應地方,以便削減航空或 海運的運輸成本。 5. How do I choose a contract manufacturer? This choice is entirely dependent on the type of product you as the brand marketer wants to make and the markets you are trying to access. You need to choose a contract manufacturer that… • Has a wide range of capabilities • Can supply the required export documentation to access all markets • Can offer the quality you can trust, as well as being a reliable service provider • ‘New Zealand Made’ label can be used if the contract manufacturers are Kiwi-based 5. 如何選擇承包製造商? 這完全取決於你的產品類型及市場。良好的承包製造商需具備以下條 件: •具備多方能力,提供全面的服務 •可針對不同國家市場提供適當的出口文件 •提供高品質服務,誠實可靠 •如果承包製造商是新西蘭公司,能否提供「新西蘭製造」的標籤 6. Do contract manufacturing companies require that I give them my recipes? How do I protect them, if so?

4. How much should I expect to pay if I use a contract manufacturing company? A number of factors contribute to the ability of the contract manufacturer to be competitive in pricing. For examples: • Currencies fluctuation • The experience and knowledge of the contract manufacturer • Contract manufacturers’ proximity to raw material sources and air & sea shipping facilities as this will affect handling costs.

In a contract manufacturing arrangement, you share your recipe with the contract manufacturer and they make it for you. In this case, it’s better to chose a manufacturer who offer no code products or stock items of their own so they are not competing with you in the market place. In addition, we encourage all brand marketers should have a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement to protect your recipe and other confidential business information. 6.承包製造商要求提供產品配方?我該如何保障品牌的所有權益?

4. 如果我與承包製造商合作,應該支付多少費用呢?

如果客戶要提供產品配方的話,我們鼓勵客戶跟承包製造商商談之 前,先簽署保密協議,確保配方不會外洩。

多個因素會影響服務收費,例如: •外匯兌換率

另外,在這種情況下,最好避免選擇擁有自家產品的製造商,減少競 爭機會。

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