Natural Products Sourcing Yearbook 天然產品採購指南 2017 (Bilingual 中英文對照)

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Professor Wong shares his take on the local organic retail market with our publishing director, Ms. Yvonne Chang, who is also part of the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre as a Governing Board Member.

Prologue 序言 Page 11 Cover Story 封面故事 Page 13 – 19 Eat a bit out of the lucrative organic retailing An interview with Professor Jonathan Wong Director of Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre 有機零售漸成「肥田」耕開有人爭 香港有機資源中心 黃煥忠教授專訪 Health & Wellness Trends 健康養生新趨勢 Page 21– 23 Detox trends : Cleanse your body, mind & spirit 排毒新趨勢:淨化身心靈 Marketing Strategy 推廣策略 Page 25 -27 The O2O strategy of Watsons to help consumers make healthier choices 屈臣氏全新線上線下推廣策略 Featured 專訪 Page 31 – 32 What 3 dietitians eat in a regular day? 營養師吃甚麼呢?

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Brand Story 品牌故事 Page 35- 39 Authentic sustainability - the springboard for ecostore’s global expansion 真正的可持續發展 – ecostore 全球拓展的跳板 New Product Showcase 新產品發佈 Page 41-46 Market Research 市場分析 Page 49-51 Prediction for sustainable cosmetics in 2017 天然及可持續化妝品市場 2017年展望 Ask the Expert 請教專家 Page 53-55 How to grow your business with contract manufacturing? 如何利用承包製造建立自家品牌? Events 活動 Page 57-59 More than a trade show – Natural Products Expo West 非一般的展覽會 – 美國西岸天然產品博覽會 Trade Show Calendar 展覽列表 Page 63 Advertiser / Brand Index 廣告客戶 / 品牌索引 Page 67