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contents May/June 2021

Volume 58 Number 6



departments Message 6 President’s HBA Engagement During

The Annus Horribilis By Bill Kroger

the Editor 8 From A Transformative Year:

Finding Your Voice By Anna M. Archer

Milestones 38 HBA The Houston Lawyer:

A Voice for the HBA

By Tara Shockley



Spotlight 40 Section Probate, Trusts & Estates Section:

A Year Navigating the Pandemic By Paul D. Strug

Profile in professionalism 41 ARichard Heaton Chief Legal Officer, Hines

THE RECORD 42 OFF A Guardian of Texas Heritage:

C. Mark Murrah By Anuj A. Shah

Spotlight 43 Committee Teaching Texas, One Student

at a Time



By Kimberly A. Chojnacki

trends 44 legal The Swales Decision and

Its Aftermath By Don Foty

Straehla’s Presumed Duties By Ryan Philip Pitts

reviews 46 Media The Best People

Reviewed by David T. LÓpez

The Houston Lawyer

48 Litigation MarketPlace

4 May/June 2021