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$12,000 for HFB. • Communities in Schools. Approximately 15 high school students are interning at Houston area law firms, corporations, courts, and other locations. • Diversity and Inclusion. 42 diverse law school students were hired by 35 employers, including law firms, corporations, the courts, and other locations. • HVL Services. Hired Anne Chandler as Houston Volunteer Lawyers (HVL) Executive Director. Started using a hybrid approach for the HVL legal intake and delivery services, allowing intake of cases virtually and then provision of virtual legal services by 850 lawyers to 2,000 individuals. Also sponsored first drive-thru clinics and developed a bilingual website where pro bono clients were able to apply for services through their phones. • Evictions. Launched pro bono COVID-19 eviction defense initiative that trained and recruited 340 attorneys committed to helping individuals facing eviction. • Houston Lawyer Referral Service (HLRS). Produced support materials for unemployed lawyers offering advice on developing a solo office practice. Also produced 12 videos providing advice to the public on pandemic-related legal issues. • Dispute Resolution Center (DRC). Reinvented mediation into a virtual service, providing more than 4,200 hours of mediation services and mediating 1,084 cases involving credit card debt, contracts, HOA, and family law matters. • Financial Stewardship. Cut costs while providing more services and encouraging dues renewal. HBA and its charitable arm, the Houston Bar Foundation (HBF) have fortress balance sheets, with HBF donating more money for pro bono legal services than in any year in its history. These are just some of the accomplishments of the HBA and its affiliates. These are not the successes of just a few people. Our staff worked long hours, including weekends, while thousands of lawyers volunteered countless hours. Together, they have transformed the HBA into the finest, most nimble, responsive, and engaged bar association in the United States. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President during this important year.

May/June 2021