Issuu + Mailchimp: Create GIFs for email

Mailchimp is a powerful way to create effective email campaigns, websites, and landing pages to grow your business. Integrate your Issuu account with Mailchimp today and instantly export GIFs to the Mailchimp Content Studio.

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Create a GIF in Issuu and export to Mailchimp

From flipbook to dynamic GIF

Start by publishing a flipbook on Issuu. Then, create a dynamic GIF to use in your Mailchimp campaigns. Under the Share link in the left-side navigation, click "Create GIF". Select the spreads you'd like to highlight to build a GIF that links back to your Issuu publication. It's fast and easy for anyone.

Animated GIF Mailchimp

Easily connect your content to Mailchimp

Once you've created your GIF, it's easy to share it with Mailchimp and instantly use it in email campaigns. Our integration with the Mailchimp Content Studio ensures that your graphics are always available to you and your team.

Feature > Mailchimp > Export

Highlight Issuu content in your email campaigns

Email marketing is better when in motion. GIFs give you a fresh way to share your content and drive readership in a fun and engaging way. This Mailchimp integration is the fastest way to launch effective email campaigns to promote your Issuu content.

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